RE: Transfer of executive power for IMSS and RyuHa 

To honor the wishes of the late O’Soke Dave Shelton, a contingency of standing grandmasters assembled, including some by proxy, on Friday, December 27, 2019 to discuss the future of the IMSS. Concerns and challenges were disclosed to the candidate, Shihan-Dai Reid Brasher. At the conclusion of the meeting, Shihan-Dai Brasher accepted the responsibility that Soke Dave has left behind. 

The following day, the certificate Soke Dave had previously prepared for Soke-Dai Reid, was completed and signed by the attending grandmasters as witnesses to the transfer of responsibility and title for the following.

First, the title of Soke-Dai, recognizing Reid Brasher as RyuHa Master of Shorin Ryu Matsumura Soken Do. 

Secondly, the title of President of the IMSS. 

We the undersigned witness the above and request that members join in support of Soke Reid Brasher as he works to continue the legacy of O Soke Dave Shelton. 

Soke Clint DuPlechian, 9th Dan 

Soke Dan Gabus, 9th Dan

Soke Butch Lambert, 8th Dan

Soke John Primeaux, 8th Dan

Soke-Dai Chris Foster, 7th Dan