Hanshi Robert Kucera, 9th Dan

Chung Do Kwan / Tae Kwon Do
Kucera’s Martial Arts Academy
Silverhill, Alabama

IMSS – Alabama, State Director

IMSS Life Member

Alabama State Director – United States Martial Artist Assoc.

Member – Mississippi Karate Association “Board of Directors”

Member – Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Member – World Grandmaster’s Council International Hall of Fame

Member – United States Martial Artist Association International Hall of Fame

Member – Mississippi Karate Association Hall of Fame

Member – Hawaiian Martial Arts Society International Hall of Fame

Inducted into the “International Martial Arts”,” Pioneers and Legends Hall of Fame”

Received the “Grasshopper Award” from Soke Dave and the “International Matsumura Seito Society”

Regional Director for the “United States Police Defensive Tactics Association”

Member – IMSS 2010 “Hall of Honors”


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