Illustrious Sir Darrell Mashburn
 Illustrious Potentate 2013
 Hadji Shrine Temple, Pensacola, Florida

  IMSS Honorary Black Belt




  Raised a Master Mason in April 1987 in West Pensacola #296
 Was Master of #296 in 1991
 Life member of York Rite since 1987
 Member of Scottish Rite four years
 Nobel of Hadji since 1987 - 3 time pres. of Misfits unit, member for 22 years, left this year to concertrate on    Clown unit
 Shrine Hospital driver for four years.
 2 time pres. of Past Masters unit, member seven years, in the rituralist cast and Past Masters degree team.
Been on Divan four years, Asst. Rabban, 2012.   Member F.W.B.S.C., O.S.T.S.C. AND W.C.S.C.
 Chaplin at W.P. #296 last fifteen years, giving it up this year.



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